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How to Pick Trotro in Ghana (Cheap Transportation in Ghana)

How to Pick Trotro in Ghana

How to Pick Trotro in Ghana – Transportation in Ghana

During the time that the British ruled Ghana, a unit of currency was known as “three pence,” which is where the name “tro-tro” comes from. At the time, a single ride on the public transportation vehicles that eventually adopted the same name cost three pence. Before the advent of modern busses, trotros were little more than Bedford trucks outfitted with wooden chairs.

In modern Ghanaian terminology, “tro-tro” refers to any privately owned public transportation vehicle that can be chased down at several stops along its route. Minibuses, old Benz trucks from Germany, modified pickup trucks, and Nissan minivans are the most commonly used vehicles.
While the Ghanaian pesewas have replaced the British penny as the currency, a ride on a tro-tro still only costs a few cents. However, in order to take advantage of this inexpensive and vibrant mode of transportation, you will need to follow the instructions provided below, as there is no predetermined schedule or route map.

Trotro Terms

  • Trotro Driver (The driver of the vehicle)
  • Trotro Mate (The promoter, money collector and assistant to the trotro driver)
  • Troski (Tro-Tro)

How to find a Tro-Tro

The routes of tro-tros are predetermined. Wherever you are in a city, you will find them following the main roads. Just stop a random person on the street and ask them where the next tro-tro stop is. Go to a tro-tro station, where loud young males will act as promoters for tro-tros going to various cities. If you like, you can also hail a tro-tro on the highway.

There are tro-tros whose “mate” will yell “Accra! Accra! Accra!” meaning the trotro is taking passengers to “Accra” or “Circle! Circle! Circle!” meaning the vehicle is going to circle or passing through Circle. If you want to visit many of Accra’s most famous landmarks and local markets, such as Osu, Makola Market, and Jamestown, you can either join the “Accra” bus or the “Circle” bus. The central bus station will help you get many cars going to such places. Keep an ear out for “Legon!” if you want to make it to the University of Ghana or its surrounding areas.

How to pick a trotro

You can go to any bus station by the roadside to get a trotro. If you aren’t close to a bus stop, you can stand at the roadside of any busy road and stick your finger up in the air. You can signal for a local tro-tro that stops frequently by jabbing your finger down to the ground.

Selecting the Appropriate Tro-Tro

Even though tro-tros follow predetermined itineraries, this information is notoriously hard to come by due to the lack of published schedules. However, most residents of the area will be aware of the various services, so it is better to simply ask around. You can also get yourself to the tro-tro station and inquire about the appropriate tro-tro to your location if you need to take a tro-tro outside of town.

What To Know before Picking TroTros in Ghana

  • When the tro-tros are full, only then do they depart.
  • There are NO AIR CONDITIONS or FANS in Trotro.
  • There won’t be much of a wait for the bus to leave once it’s full, especially in a major city like Accra or Kumasi.
  • Waiting for the mates to fill the seats on a long-distance tro-tro may be an extremely hot and sweaty hour.
  • The best tro-tro to board is one that is already jam-packed with people.
  • When traveling to less-accessible areas, it is recommended to research the departure hours of tro-tros the day before.
  • Carry some spare change with you before boarding the Trotro
  • Sundays typically see a decrease in tro-tros unless a market is scheduled for that day.

How much does it cost to pick a TroTro

In general, you can ride a tro-tro for less than 10 cedis ($1.15) per 100 kilometers traveled. Fares within a city typically don’t exceed 20 to 50 cedis. When taking tro-tros around a city, it’s always a good idea to carry some spare change. If you give your mate a 100 Cedi note, you might expect some complaining.

Disadvantages and Advantages of Riding in a Tro-Tro

  • Those who experience discomfort when sitting close to strangers should avoid riding in a tro-tro.
  • You can’t choose the seat you want sometimes.
  • You can make new friends in a TroTro
  • Even though everyone is guaranteed a seat, most tro-tros have extra seats added, so you may find yourself sitting rather close to your fellow travelers.
  • Commuters and students in Accra, Ghana, sit together in quiet dignity on the bus.
  • Even on moderately longer journeys, there is no blaring music.
  • You can easily get food,water and snacks to buy from hawkers on the street selling cold water, doughnuts, and plantain chips.
  • Window seats allow for the best views of the city.
  • Trotro cars are very old making it extremely unsafe and easy to get injured in-case of an accident.
  • When taking a long-distance tro-tro in a more rural location, it’s possible that you’ll be riding alongside a lot of goods and even some livestock.
  • It is not typical practice to get off the tro-tro at a stop (where you will wait for the tro-tro to fill up again) in order to stretch your legs once you have found a seat.
  • You’ll have to get off the bus with the other people who want to leave to make room for passage and re-enter immediately after they get down from the car.
  • Thefts are rampant and widespread on TroTros, so use caution.

Should You Pick a TroTro in Ghana?

Its best to consider other means of transport in the country, such as Uber, Bolt, Taxis and Car rentals if you have the financial means to do so.

 Article Reference: Tripsavvy

Its best to ask the Trotro Mate if you are unsure of how to travel to a specific location. At first, it may seem scary, but they are more than ready to assist you in any way they can. You can tell the mate where you are heading to and he will advise you on the best car to pick. It is a good idea to take paper and a pen with you at all times in case there is a language barrier, as this will allow you to jot down the name of the location to which you are trying to get directions.



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