Ric Hassani releases two new singles

Nigeria: Ric Hassani releases two new singles

Nigerian pop-soul singer Ric Hassani has announced a simultaneous release of two new singles titled ‘Amina’ and ‘The One’. The records are available for streaming and download here(link is external).

The songs follow the January release of ‘My Only Baby’, as well as the arrival of his debut album The Prince I Became in 2021. The musician says the new offerings demonstrate his versatility and undeniable talent.

With ‘Amina’, Ric Hassani steps out of his comfort zone, experimenting with amapiano. Pairing his mellifluous vocals with seductive lyricism and an infectious melody, the track offers a fresh take on Afro-R&B that is both familiar and new.

‘The One’ is positioned as the quintessential summer anthem, with Ric Hassani’s signature style on full display, delivering a track that is both infectious and introspective.

Regarding the release, Ric Hassani said ‘Amina’ was born out of feelings of anger and frustration when a love interest only sees their partner as a means to acquire money and material possessions. “It’s a song directed to your partner asking to open up about how they feel, knowing that they are taking advantage of how you feel about them”.

About ‘The One’, Hassani said: “It is a song inspired out of having one person that you truly care about and really want to go above and beyond for. It’s a song that expresses the truth of the extent to which you can go for someone you truly love and care about.”

“Ric Hassani’s artistic vision is on full display on ‘Amina’ and ‘The One’, where he blends different genres and styles seamlessly, from soulful R&B to uplifting Afrobeat, all while maintaining a sound that’s unmistakably his own,” a statement reads.

“These two new singles serve as a preview of what fans can expect from him in the coming months, and they’re sure to cement his status as one of Nigeria’s most exciting and innovative musical talents.”


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